About Me

Now that you’ve chanced upon Sewing Holidays, you must be eager to know the mastermind behind this initiative. Here’s my story…

Growing up with my grandparents, I was always fascinated by how my grandma would create stunning cushion covers from old bedsheets. She’d even repurpose her old gowns to make new dresses for me. Watching her sew with such precision and focus was one of my favorite pastimes. It still remains one of my most vivid memories of hers.

All those years inspired me to learn the art of repurposing old fabric and create sustainable fashion. However, as I grew up, my career, family, and other things got in the way and I almost forgot about it. That was until I visited my grandparents now deserted home six years back and chanced upon the same sewing machine. It wrapped me in an air of nostalgia and immediately brought back all those memories.

So, after years of slogging in a high-profile corporate job, I decided to learn the art of sewing and master it. Apart from joining a hand-on course, I looked up online tutorials, guides, and YouTube videos to learn everything I could. As I began sewing my own materials and creating new designs, I was overwhelmed with the urge to share my ideas with other sewing enthusiasts.

One thing led to another and I started Sewing Holidays as an attempt to inspire more people to learn the art of sewing and strive towards sustainable fashion. In the age of fast fashion and ready-made clothing, it is the need of the hour to hold on to our roots and revive the lost art of sewing.

Sewing isn’t just a mere passion for me. It is a way for me to unleash my creativity and relive the best memories of my childhood.