Select vendor booths, products, demos, give aways, goody bags surprises, class supplies, banquet gifts & more . . . are all ways that our sponsors support & pamper us during  Designer Joi’s Sewing Holiday and other Sewing Factory Events.

Joi always makes sure you get only the best! Below is a list of Companies and Sponsors participating in Sewing Holiday and sponsoring other events. We value their support so make sure to check out their websites, visit their booths and get to know some amazing people who create the products we use in our sewing each and every day.


Baby Lock USA •

Designer Joi wants to give a GIANT THANK YOU to Baby Lock and their support of the Sewing Factory, Sewing Holiday and all of her sewing and design endeavors. Joi purchased her first Baby Lock in 1992 when she was in high school and feels so honored to be working with them on such a large scale. Thank you to Baby Lock for providing classroom machines and all the latest technology in sewing. We could not do it without you. Designer Joi personally uses her Baby Lock machines in her sewing and if you LOVE the machines used in class please contact our local dealer Sew Creative for purchasing a new machine.

Sew Creative Omaha our Baby Lock Independent Dealer • 2809 South 125th Avenue, Omaha, NE • 402-334-0121  ||  5143 South 48th Street, Lincoln, NE • 402-489-6262

If you LOVE the Baby Lock sewing machines in our Sewing Factory Classroom they are Baby Lock Sewing Machines, embroidery machines, sergers and embroidery softwares. Machines may be purchased through Sew Creative.  They also have accessories for the machines, feet, inspiration guides and other Baby Lock accessories you will use in class and more. (a note from Joi: check out the inspiration guides as they are full color binders that show you how to use all the features on your machines. I keep mine right next to my sewing machine for reference. A BIG thanks to Barb and Paul Sorenson.)

Mettler Thread Company


Mettler thread features the best threads on the market including their new universal color coded spools and thread matching app. Designer Joi’s Sewing Factory is outfitted with all the latest Mettler Thread and has supplied thousands of spools of thread for this event including thread for each and every machine used at Sewing Holiday, thread to match every project and fabric, thread bundles in each goody bag and over 500 cones of Seracor which is the world’s TOP and BEST Serger thread.

McCall Pattern Company


Designer Joi is proud to be a Licensed McCall Pattern Designer. McCall Pattern Company often sponsors classes by providing patterns for use in class. Thanks McCalls!

Designer Joi/ Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC •


Designer Joi loves all things sewing. Joi will have her patterns, autographed copies of her popular Create the Perfect Fit: Measuring and patternmaking for real sewing solutions book, Designer Joi’s Fashion Sewing Workshop Book, Ultimate Iron Chubby Board (modeled after what she learned to tailor on) featured in Nancy’s Notions, Fine fabrics, design tools, Trims from Italy, and PGM dress forms and more along with some Sewing Holiday T-shirts in limited quantities.

Springs Creative Fabric & Riley Blake Fabrics &


Many times the cost of your class is lessened by fabric sponsors. Fabrics for charity sew, kids sewing camps, quilt backings and other notions may be provided from our generous sponsors.

PGM Dress Forms


Designer Joi will be offering specials on PGM dress forms and her own custom dress forms from her partnership with PGM company. If you enjoy all the full color forms at sewing holiday you can order one from over 45 colors drop shipped directly to your sewing room. See Designer Joi for details.

Heart and Hand Dry Goods • 712-258-3161 • 3011 Hamilton Blvd. Sioux City, Iowa


We have fabric, patterns ideas, samples, kits, notions knowledge and experience to help you make your quilt ideas come to life! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have something for everyone. We are located in the Marketplace Shopping Center in Sioux City, Iowa. This year you will be able to shop at the entire store during our Shop Hop day.

Sewing Factory Photo Booth


The Sewing Factory features its own photo studio and you will have the opportunity to have you picture taken with your friends and Sewlebrity guests.


Various  Displays from our Sponsors and participants will debut throughout the event.