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Designer Joi Sewing Holiday and Other Sewing Factory Classes
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HOW TO REGISTER for a Sewing Factory Class & Sewing Holiday . . .

All class and event registrations are now streamlined through our Designer Joi Sewing Factory Store LINK. Click the button below and you will be taken to the store where you can select any of the classes you wish to register for. If a class is NOT listed it may be full or there may be a specific reason it is not in the store, but you can always inquire by sending us a note through the contact us page. Additional payment info below.

Classes fill fast so register early!


Designer Joi Sewing Holiday and Other Sewing Factory Classes

Joi’s Event Tips for Registered Guests :


  1. SELECT which events you want to attend  and start packing.  No matter what class you choose you will have an outstanding time. Take a variety of classes from  Sewlebrity teachers and guest speakers.
  2. CLASS KITS: Sponsors have provided thousands of dollars of products, samples and machines to use at no cost to you during class time. Some classes have a minimal kit fee (noted in the class description on this website) which is paid to the instructor on the day of class. This covers  class specific items that the instructor is providing in a kit and pre-cut materials.
  3. SUPPLIES: Make a note of student provided supplies listed in the class description. There are not many but these are basic sewing supplies that you will want to bring with you to each class such as scissors, pins etc . . . Some items will also be  available for sale on site.
  4. BOOK:  your hotel and make your travel arrangements ASAP and we will see YOU in JULY! Check out our travel page for all your planning needs, or email for assistance.



PAYMENT INFORMATION & OPTIONS for everyone: (methods may vary depending on the registration form currently being used to process payments)


Invoices will be sent through PayPal through the studio. In the event we are activating our online registration form, when you complete the online registration form you will be taken to the PayPal login screen. Log in and process payment. You will be sent an email from the studio upon receipt of your payment. NOTE: processing times vary so this can take an hour up to two days for the studio to receive payment. We will send you a direct email to let you know we have received your registration.

Credit Card

When you complete the online registration form you will be taken to the PayPal log in screen. Do not log in.  Click pay with Credit Card and proceed with processing using your Credit Card. Use this if you do not have a PayPal account.


If you want to process your registration by paying with a check complete the online registration form. When you come to the PayPal long in screen wait a minute then simply close the screen. Do not log into PayPal. We will still receive your registration form. Email the studio that you are sending in a check and we will help make arrangements for completing registration. Payments must be received within 7 business days or your registration will be deleted.

Credit Card via/ phone

You may call in your credit card payment to the studio. Please email us and we will help coordinate payment.

PAYMENT POLICY INFORMATION IS PROVIDED IN DETAIL ON THE REGISTRATION FORM. NOTE: DUE TO LIMITED AVAILABILITY/SEATING AND PRE-ORDER TICKETS, REGISTRATION IS NON-REFUNDABLE. HOWEVER, IT IS TRANSFERABLE TO ANOTHER GUEST. PLEASE NOTE: In the event you are unable to attend due to unplanned schedule conflicts, illness, etc… registration is non-refundable, however; we would love to apply your registration to another event. Some exceptions may apply. Once you register we put manpower into processing your information into the class. We can’t get this back if you cancel. Please be respectful of our small business and ensuring it’s success. 

Registration and event Q & A found here . . .

Classes fill fast so register early!


Common Questions:


  1. Where do I park? We have plenty of parking at the Sewing Factory. Most guests park on the street outside of the studio. It’s Free. We have extra parking in the back and a side lot as well. On busy days and special events we have permission to use parking lots at adjacent businesses.
  2. Do I bring my Sewing Machine? No, Thank you to our Sponsor Baby Lock for outfitting our classroom with beautiful new machines. No more classes hauling your heavy machines, or using old outdated hard to work machines.
  3. How much is a class? Each class and event is different. Prices are listed in the individual class descriptions.
  4. Is a payment plan available? Sometimes. If you are registering for lengthy events, or licensing a payment plan is available. Our rule is anything over $900 we will set up 1-3 payments.
  5. How do I register? It’s easy. Simply email Currently we are sending invoices from the studio rather than our automated system, but that sometimes changes. If you are ever not sure just email us and we are glad to help
  6. What do I eat for lunch? Some classes we cater in food, but we have lots of local eateries and some within walking distance. Please see class description or email if you have any questions.
  7. Where do I stay when I come from out of town? You will need to make your own hotel arrangements. Check out the travel page on the top menu of this site for ideas. We are fans of staying in the Lakeport Commons area because it is by all the great shopping and mall area as well as lots of eateries.
  8. Do I need to rent a car? If you are flying into SUX you probably don’t. Most of the hotels have shuttles and my assistant is actually an UBER driver so I have a good referral for you if you like, but check with your hotel as many will shuttle you around.